Lady Swettenham


30. January 2020




Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Kr 120 / 60

This is the story of Constance Holmes or Connie as she is fondly known, the manic-depressive wife of Sir Frank Swettenham, the British Resident to Malaya.

Set in the early part of the twentieth Century, the story moves seamlessly back from Connie’s adulthood in England in the 1880s to her married life in Malaya and Singapore. This span of about 40 years reveals much about her unhappiness, her husband’s philandering and dismissive attitude toward her illness.

The play takes the audience through some hilarious journeys, some sad and some unexpected. Lady Swettenham knew some secrets which she reveals in the play.

With: Sabera Shaik

Directed by: Tage Larsen

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