The Yoricks


20. August 2019




Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Kr. 120/60

“There have always been clowns. They will always exist.
Whenever it was necessary, they would rise from the ashes. Appear from memory. They were never touched by time. They are like the grass on the eternal footpaths."

Tristan Rémy (French author, 1897–1977)


A comical intermezzo with Teatro tascabile di Bergamo (Italy)

The excellent Italian theatre, Teatro tascabile di Bergamo, which has visited Holstebro many times, often in connection with the Holstebro Festuge (festive weeks), returns to Holstebro and once again with an exquisite, first-rate performance: The Yoricks. The title refers to the late court jester, Yorick, in Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

The Yoricks, however, contain not only one deceased court jester but have as many as six. They are clowns, but in reality, since they are deceased as with Shakespeare, they are six skeletons - dressed as monks.

During the perfomance they join up with some angels, some lions and a few horses with the special purpose of creating a surreal circus from death. And it all begins with a shoe! Yes, you understood correctly, a shoe that drops out of the nothingness. Or perhaps from a human cloud made up of bombers and war sirens? Or perhaps just from the floor above? In any case it is about a beginning, following in the footsteps of some of history's greatest circus numbers.

The Yoricks is a circus performance of the souls, mixing melancholy, laughter, fear of death and nostalgia. It is a declaration of love to some of the legendary clowns of the past from Foottit and Chocolat to the Fratellini, the great Charlie Rivel and the Colombaioni brothers. In short, a tribute that Teatro tascabile gives to these famous clowns, their history and art.

The performance is also the final part of a trilogy, which has taken form as a long exploration of the concept of Danse Macabre, The Dance of Death. The other two performances in the trilogy are: “Love Never Sleeps. Stories about Capulet and Montague ” (2009) and “Angel Red. Dance for a light traveller” (2004).

As Teatro tascabile writes in their introduction: It was our intention to investigate death in all its aspects: the tragical, dramatical and comical. Possibly because the spirit of the time assumes that theatre has had its day. But we reject that assumption, and as a provocation, we wish to celebrate the glory of theatre in its afterlife and return to the beginning of theatre with laughter. Laughter as theatre's point of beginning.

At the end of the performance, the smiling faces of he actors emerge from their skull masks: in flesh and blood. As they really are. And perhaps in those faces, you will find the purpose of a performance, which begins by announcing that it has neither meaning nor history.


Actors: Alessia Baldassari, Giuseppe Chierichetti, Antonietta Fusco, Ruben Manenti, Alessandro Rigoletti, Caterina Scotti, Maurizio Stefania

Artistic Coordination: Tiziana Barbiero
Light: Lorenzo Bucci
Sound: Fabio Vignaroli
Musical Advisors: Maurizio Stefania, Osvaldo Arioldi – Officine Schwartz
Advisors on Props: Luì Angelini e Paola Serafini - La Voce delle Cose

Organisation: Elena Donda, Giada Martinelli, Emanuela Presciani

Teatro tascabile di Bergamo would like to thank Simone Capula, Luigia Calcaterra and Mirella Schino for their help and support

Performance Recording and Photos: Alberto Valtellina

Students, Pensioners and groups of 10+: Kr. 60

Ticket Reservation - tel. +45 9742 4777
Mon - Fri between 9.00 -15.00 hrs.

Reserved tickets must be picked up no later than 15 min. before the performance begins.


Children laugh and adults laugh as well, amazed at seeing an incredible little "brotherhood" of Capuchin friars, with sneering skulls hidden under the hoods.

La Rocca (Italy)



In this new work by Teatro tascabile, the marriage between death and dance is enriched by one more instrument: humor. As if they were detached from a fresco of a Dance Macabre - the dance of death, the skeleton-actors stage a little theatre of the absurd made up of "jokes", "magic numbers", " tricks", fake (and real) duels, all with the added value of live music.

L’Eco di Bergamo (Italy)