Palos y Piedras


11. - 12. Oct 2018


Thursday 17:00 19:30
Friday 09:00 - 11:30


Carpa-escenario Identidades Festival
Simón Bolívar 255, Antofagasta
Región de Antofagasta, Chile

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Participation fee: $100.000; $140.000 or $180.000 (see below)

Sticks and Stones

for actors and dancers, directed by Donald Kitt

This workshop has several components: training fundamentals focusing on exercises developed through Odin's history such as "the cat", training with a simple stick i.e developing actions inspired by the use of an object, and vocal exploration where the actor tries to find an individual rhythm, spacial awareness and dynamism. In the development of material, the actor is confronted with a stick which must continually be alive and in relation to the actor. The actor's work begins from the creation of personal material, using the stick as a base for this material, culminating into a simple montage of these actions - into the weaving of texts, song, space, and objects. The workshop concentrates on the first phase of the development concerning the actor's material and being open minded to images and story. The workshop aims at giving indications for a personal process in search of a meaning.

Participant Requirements
Wear practical clothes for physical work without print
Have learnt a short text by heart; bring an extract from a song and a phrase or a lullabye
Each participant must bring a stick (120-150cm x 2,8cm ø)

The Seminar
2 days (Thursday 11 and Friday 12 October 2018) in the city of Antofagasta, Chile

Number of people: 24 max.

Actor or student Antofagasta Region: $ 100,000
National actor or student: $ 140,000
International actor: $ 180,000

Once the application form has been completed, please send along with your CV to:

The results of this call will be announced on July 2, 2018.

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Organiser & Contact



Alejandra Rojas Pinto
Directore General
Tel: +56 994719422

Juan Pablo Jacob
Productor General
Tel: +56 992007626